Publication Downloads


Preface and contents of the book Parameter Estimation & Time Series Analysis:              PCYbook_contents.pdf                                                                                     

Preface and contents of forthcoming book: System Identification, Environmetric Modelling and Control:                                                      PCY Festschrift book.pdf

Report (2002) on CAPTAIN-based modelling and control of global atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature:                                     Climate_DBM_Report.pdf

Report (2006) for FRMRC on CAPTAIN-based rainfall-flow modelling and flood forecasting:       UR5_updating_algorithms_in_flood_forecasting_WP3_4_v1_0.pdf

CAPTAIN OVERVIEW: Appendix G from the recent book Recursive Estimation & Time Series AnalysisPCYbook_CAPTAINapp.pdf     

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Recent developments in CAPTAIN, SYSID 2012: CAPTAIn_SYSID_12.pdf

Input estimation, SYSID 2012: input_estimation.pdf

Large computer model emulation, SYSID 2012: CT_emulation.pdf

Advantages of CT modelling, SYSID 2012:  HGPCY_SYSID2012final.pdf

MISO model estimation, SYSID 2012:  sysid12_riv.pdf

LFC Seminar 2014: LFC 2013 .pdf